Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Ponniyin Selvan

Ponniyin Selvan - Many of us would have heard about this novel. But only very few would have got the pleasure of reading it.. Written by Amarar Kalki, the story was initially published as a serial in his own magazine Kalki, for three and half years and later it got published as a book in multiple volumes.

It started like a pretty ordinary historical novel, but later it turned into a roller coaster ride with all twists and surprises.Mr. Vanthiyathevan Vallavarayyan's kusumbu and heroism, Kunthavai's saamarthiyam, Poonguzhali's attitude, Nandhini's revenge, Manimegalai and Amudhan's kadhal, Arulmozhi's gesture ellamey super.. The way the author has depicted the human feelings, their desires and the extent they go to achieve it, is the real beauty of the book. I was reading it like a mega serial, slowly and intermittently and when it got over i felt little empty.. :(

Reading it even after 50 years from the time it got published,this book gives you an immense pleasure .This is a must read for all Thamizh readers..