Saturday, 22 November 2008

Comments Please

This is my first post about reviews on the places i dine out. I would like to know your comments on this...


Place: Cascade @ Celebrations, Hyderabad

Landmark : Ten minutes walk from Jubilee Hills Checkpost towards Ameerpet

Food : Indian & Chinese

Ambience: The caption says its a water side dining, but it doesnt look like that exactly. The seating is inside a bamboo structure and the water runs like a stream a little far. Dining in the bamboo surroundings gave me a dhaba feel.

Food: The dishes we tried were only chinese and the taste was typical. The best part of the food was the dessert 'Gulab Jamoon'.

Tag: This will be a  decent place for people who dine out occassionaly. For someonee who frequently eats out in different places(like me), this will be a pretty ordinary experience i guess.


Some Silhouetted snaps taken against Hussain Sagar lake in Hyderabad. Conceived by Ram, realized by Ram and Vel.

Thanks to Ram for letting me use his works :-)

Friday, 21 November 2008


I happened to see some one like this today,physically challenged, busily drawing close to the main road in Madhapur. As a matter of fact, i have seen this person many a times on the same place, but never gave much thought about what he is doing . Today while passing by him again, i had a little thought and felt good about his act(drawing).

These days I see a lot of ppl and children begging in the traffic signals. Irrespective of however they beg (sometimes the kids touch our feet and beg), i never felt like giving anything.

This guy, though physically challenged, he chose to use his art to earn his bread rather than panhandling. I felt his intention should be something close to this (might not be also :-)). Instead of going around begging people for money, he wanted to show people his art\talent, there by letting the interested and impressed ones to donate if they wish.

I felt this one is far better than panhandling.I was impressed.