Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Time is the healer, Time moves on.

Time, if not heals, at least allows one to come to terms with his past. When it heals, it also robs. Robs slowly, the memories, in a way one does not realize consciously. It takes away the memories, one at a time, both good and bad, and transforms the past to an illusion. Time when combined with distance makes the faces of even our  loved ones, from the past, a difficult thing to recollect. Yesteryear events become obscure and one can be no more certain about all his past actions. What seemed obviously right or wrong then, may not seem so obvious anymore. Time makes memory treacherous and even the past not so certain. The scars might be there, but it may not be so painful nor it's cause be so sure as it used to be. Time heals, not only pain but also happiness. Looking at the smiles captured in those happy moments may not evoke the same emotions now. Time moves on, leaving the past behind, slowly but steadily.

Nevertheless, Time is special for many, if not for all, and so are the days like the beginning of the new year and birthdays - the virtual markers of Time. Special because it creates hope, or an illusion depending upon one's perspective, for a new beginning. Time helps us to look ahead by leaving the past behind. But, as much as Time helps us to move forward it also lets us to fall into some trap again in the future by robbing our memories. Time becomes the healer again and Time continues to move on, without waiting for anyone.

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